The development and practice of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine dates back more than 3,500 years (B.C.). Based on a foundation of ancient texts such as the Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine and the classic of Materia Medica, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM), through constant clinical observation and testing has resulted in a completely independent system of thought and practice.

It is this independent system of thought and practice that differentiates Traditional Chinese Medicine from Western Medicine.  Upon closer examination of the two modalities of medicine, one is able to see the difference.

The Western modality of medicine when diagnosing and treating is concerned mainly with a single disease entity, which it tries to change, control or remove mainly through the use of a range of pharmaceutical drugs and/or surgery.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine focuses not on a single disease entity, but rather, it looks at the person as a whole.  The Practitioner of Chinese Medicine will look at the person’s mental, emotional and physical state along with their dietary habits and the environment in which they live. All the signs and symptoms are gathered and viewed as a disharmony within the body, which has resulted in an imbalance.  Chinese Medicine seeks to find the root cause of the disharmony which has manifested and restore the balance, through the diagnosis/treatment principle and Chinese Herbs and return the body to its harmonious state.


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